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Vernonia Shooting

An All Points Bulletin is out in Columbia County, looking for the suspect in a shooting that took place this Saturday in Vernonia. Columbia County Sheriff Jeff Dickerson says that the incident happened a little before 3 pm on Saturday, when Gregory Reynolds, 37, fired several shots from his pickup at a home on Kirk Road near Vernonia. Lewis Cochran, 45, was hit by at least one of those rounds; he was taken to the hospital for treatment, but his condition hasn’t been updated. They did recover Reynolds’ pickup later on Saturday, but he still has not been found. Reynolds is wanted in connection with this shooting, and they also say that he has several unrelated felony warrants. Mug shots of Reynolds are being released as the public appeal to help with his arrest goes out. They say that he should be considered as armed and dangerous, so call 911 right away if you know where he might be.

Car Shot

No injuries were reported when a car traveling on I-5 was hit by gunfire. This was reported yesterday afternoon at about 4:20 pm, traveling southbound on I-5 in the Kelso area. The reporting party says that the suspect was driving slowly, and then tried cut them off. During this confrontation, the suspect reportedly fired one round, then took off at about 100 miles an hour. The victim got off the freeway at milepost 40, and pulled off at Huntington Middle School; Kelso Police checked the car and found that it had been hit by a single 45-caliber round. No one in the SUV was injured. Kelso Police, Kalama Police, Sheriff’s Deputies and the State Patrol had descriptions of the suspect and his car, but that vehicle was not ever located.

Gun Flashed

Kelso Police report detaining one person who apparently pulled a gun during Friday’s massive traffic backup on I-5 southbound through Cowlitz County. Traffic was backed up as far as 15 miles north of some potholes that needed repair near milepost 26 south of Kalama. At about 1:20 Friday afternoon, a person reported that someone had pulled a gun and pointed it at them. The suspect vehicle got off at exit 40, and then went into downtown Kelso. KPD reports finding the car and detaining the driver; other details regarding the incident haven’t been disclosed as of yet.

Gun Threats

Longview Police say that several juveniles were taken into custody after a gun-related incident that happened early yesterday morning. At about 1:35 am, a call came in from the 3000 block of Ocean Beach Highway, after a group confrontation was reported, with one person claiming that “Dude has a gun, and if something goes down, he’s going to start popping.” Longview Police responded to the area, eventually making a felony stop on Ocean Beach Highway. Traffic was shut down for a time as officers reported finding a 9MM pistol in the SUV. At least one arrest was made, with the driver being charged with DUI and three counts of reckless endangerment. Names have not been released.

Cross-Bridge DUI

DUI charges are being filed against David Christian Spencer, 31, of Longview, after it was reported that he was doing 80 miles an hour on Highway 30 early yesterday morning. Just after midnight, Rainier Police reported that they were in pursuit of a speeding driver, coming over the Lewis and Clark Bridge. It’s alleged that the driver was doing 80 on Highway 30 before coming into Washington. Longview Police converged on the bridge, and then they stopped Spencer as he came into Longview. It’s claimed that he blew a point-138; the car Spencer was driving was impounded, while Spencer was booked into the Cowlitz County Jail. He’s being held without bail, due to a previous DUI conviction within the past seven years.

DUI in the Rock

Castle Rock Police report making an arrest in a DUI case from early Saturday morning, when a car got flipped over in a parking lot. This incident was reported at about 1:40 Saturday morning, when it was reported that a car was on its side in the parking lot of the Cascade Select market. The driver was reported to be conscious and alert, but they did complain of back pain after the crash. The driver was taken into custody by the State Patrol. Names were not reported at this time.

I-5 Work

If you’re doing some nighttime driving on I-5 this week, be aware of some work near Napavine that could slow you down. The Washington Department of Transportation says that two damaged girders and a portion of the bridge deck on the Koontz Road overpass was damaged by an overheight load, and will be repaired this week. Tomorrow night, Wednesday night and Thursday night, all southbound lanes of the freeway will be detoured at State Route 508, and will be sent over to the Jackson Highway and Highway 12 before going back to the freeway. This detour will be in place from 8 pm to 8 am each night. Be sure to budget some extra time if you’re planning to go through this area.

Port News

The Port of Longview is welcoming the “Berge Rishiri” to its berth on the river, marking the first-ever call to Longview by this ship. The Berge Rishiri is loading logs that will be taken to China for use in the construction industry. The Port is also marking a rare shipment, highlighting the shipment of five thousand metric tons of malted barley to Guatemala. The highly-perishable grain came by rail car from Canada, and was loaded from Berth 2, where it could go directly from the rail car, onto a conveyor into the ship. The grain is on its way to a brewery in Guatemala; this is the first time that the Port of Longview has dealt with the shipper and the client, and highlights the pending expansion of the Port’s Industrial Rail Corridor. They say that expansion could help to increase these types of shipments at the Port of Longview.

Garage Collapse

The City of Kelso is responding to a garage collapse that was reported this morning in the 300 block of North 5th Avenue. This incident was reported at about 8:40 am at 302 N. 5th, when a closed-off garage next to the street collapsed. Photos posted on Facebook show a land slump, along with shattered wood and cinder blocks. Some of the debris did make it into the right travel lane. No injuries were reported. City officials are now looking into the incident, and there could be some traffic congestion in that area as the city responds.

I-5 Issues

One lane of I-5 northbound remains closed north of Woodland, after a mudslide came down across the northbound freeway yesterday afternoon. The State Patrol reports that the slide covered all three lanes of the freeway at 3:53 pm, almost exactly in the same place as previous slides that have closed the highway. There was a pickup that got knocked off of the road by the slide, but no one in that rig was hurt. Traffic slowly snaked over Green Mountain Road as the Department of Transportation responded, eventually re-opening the center and left lanes of the freeway around 9 pm. The right lane of the freeway will remain closed until further notice, after engineers can examine the slope, and determine what needs to be done to stabilize that hillside.

Freeway traffic was also slowed in two other locations in Cowlitz County, as WashDOT and the State Patrol dealt with what were originally described as “sinkholes” in the freeway. Two lanes of the southbound freeway at milepost 26 near Kalama were shut down for a short time around 6 last night, as they dealt with what’s now described as a “pothole” in the right lane. A patch was put down, and all three southbound lanes re-opened at 6:10 pm. There was a similar situation reported at milepost 51 northbound, just north of Castle Rock, first reported as a “pothole.” WSP now reports that spot is a “slight depression,” and traffic is being allowed to travel through that area. Delays are still possible in these problem areas.