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No Alcohol

Posted on 26th April 2013 at 16:27

There were quite a few people planning to speak on the issue, but the Longview City Council put out a “last call” on the topic of alcohol sales at Lake Sacajawea at last night’s meeting, removing the topic from their agenda prior to any discussion or action. Mayor Don Jensen says that they’ll have to go through a formal process to bring this issue back up…noalcohol…This move comes after the Longview Parks Advisory Board unanimously voted to decline doing any work on a proposed policy for wine and beer sales during the Summer Concerts at the Lake. At the last meeting of the Parks Board, several concerns were raised regarding the proposal, including the location the alcohol sales area, along with the financial aspects of the proposal. It’s also reported that there was a tremendous public reaction to the proposal, almost all negative. Jensen says that it doesn’t make any sense to move ahead with a proposal like this when there’s such a huge negative reaction from the public. At this time, the issue is dead, unless two or more City Council members sign a form to put the topic on a future agenda for discussion and development of a formal policy.