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Nutty Narrows Rises

Posted on 29th November 2010 at 08:46

Be aware that Olympia Way will be closed for about two hours this afternoon, as the legendary Nutty Narrows Bridge is put back in place. The City of Longview says that the closure is expected to run from 3 to 5 pm, with local access maintained to the point of construction. Longview’s tongue-in-cheek ambassadors, the Sandbaggers, also plan a presence at today’s bridge-raising. In a statement released late last week, the Sandbaggers say that the “world-famous Amos J. Peters, Sandbaggers, Nutty Narrows Bridge will be re-installed,” and the Sandbaggers are planning a “stirring public ceremony” to mark the event. The Mark Morris cheerleaders will “entertain,” while Longview Mayor and former Sandbagger President Kurt Anagnostou will give an “historic and inspiring” speech. After the bridge installation, a celebration is planned at the Monticello Hotel, where they plan to partake of “Nutty Narrows Nudges” and “Squirrel Bridge Cake” will be served. The spectacle is set to get under way at 3 pm on Olympia Way, running from the historic Monticello Convention marker, across Olympia Way.