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Nutty Narrows

Posted on 30th November 2010 at 08:35

Longview’s squirrels once again have their overhead pathway across the Civic Circle, as the world-renowned Nutty Narrows Bridge is re-installed over Olympia Way. With cheerleaders, doves and the Longview Sandbaggers overseeing the process, the Nutty Narrows went back up yesterday afternoon. Father Richard Green of St. Stephens Episcopal Church was called upon to bless the event; he admits that this was definitely out of the ordinary. The Nutty Narrows first went up in 1963, the brainchild of local builder and developer Amos J. Peters. He put up $1,000 for the bridge, which is made of fire hose and aluminum pipe. The bridge was taken down and repaired in 1983, then in 2005, the bridge had to be moved again, when one of its anchoring trees was taken down because of disease. It’s noted that the new location of the bridge is “just three trees away” from its original location. As part of yesterday’s reinstallation, the Sandbaggers are announcing a photo and art contest, awarding a prize of $50 for the best photo or drawing of a squirrel on the Nutty Narrows Bridge. The deadline for entries is June 15th of next year, and judging will be conducted at next year’s Go 4th Festival.