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Olympic Drug Closing

Posted on 29th October 2010 at 08:05

A long-time fixture for Longview shoppers will be gone around the end of the year, as Win Muffett announces that Olympic Drug will be closing. Muffett says that this is a business decision, saying that it’s become tougher and tougher to stay open as an independent operation. He says that a number of factors are affecting this move, including increased competition, and lower prescription reimbursements. Muffett says that another prescription provider recently made an offer for that portion of the business, and he decided to accept that offer. Muffett says that Olympic Drug’s prescriptions have been acquired by Safeway, in a transaction scheduled to be completed on December 7th. Pharmacy operations at Olympic Drug will continue as normal until December 7th, then those operations will be taken up by Safeway. At that time, Muffett says that they’ll then start liquidating the other merchandise in the front of the store. The satellite Post Office will also close on December 7th. Muffett says that this was a difficult decision, but given the current business climate, he says that it’s the right decision to make.