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Ospreys Hatch

Posted on 31st May 2016 at 09:04

The Cowlitz PUD ospreys Electra and Watt-sun are now parents, as all three eggs that Electra laid have hatched over this past weekend. The osprey pair returned to their nest on March 25th, and Electra laid three eggs by April 24th. The first of the eggs hatched on Friday, and by yesterday, all three eggs had hatched, and you could watch the chicks being fed over the live feed video camera that the PUD is maintaining. The PUD plans to hold another naming contest for the chicks, who will be in the nest for another seven or eight weeks. You can watch the chick grow in real time by checking the PUD Osprey Cam, or you can monitor the family’s project via the Osprey Cam Facebook page.