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Park Sentenced

Posted on 30th March 2011 at 08:05

Jeremiah Park, 27, of Longview is heading to prison for nearly 34 years, sentenced yesterday morning for his murder conviction connected to the February, 2010 stabbing death of Joseph Gemar, 28. Today’s Daily News reports on yesterday’s hearing, where Park said that Gemar’s death was something that was “never intended.” Park said that he regretted trying to clean up the scene and invent a story for Longview Police. He also says that he wished that Gemar had never come to his house, “filling him with fear.” In handing down the sentence of 33 years and eight months, Superior Court Judge Stephen Warning said that he bothered him most about the case was “not the lack of remorse, but the lack of reason.” He says that there was “no reason” for the events of that night to have taken place. Warning says drugs and the pursuit of drugs fueled everything that took place on that fateful night. Prosecutors had asked for a high-end sentence of more than 36 years, while defense attorneys asked for a low-end of 28 years. Park has indicated his plans to appeal both the conviction and the sentence.