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PCH Scam

Posted on 16th March 2018 at 08:53

A Castle Rock-area resident reports being victimized by a scammer who claimed to be with Publishers Clearing House. The man called the Sheriff’s Office yesterday morning, saying that he received a call on the 13th, saying that he had won $5 million and a new car. The man was instructed to send $600 through Walmart to claim his “prize.” When he got a second call, asking for another $5,000 to get his car through Customs, the man realized that he was being scammed. The man cancelled his second money order, but he’s out $900 for the phone call that he made to the scammers, who turned out to be in Jamaica. The victim is providing information on money order receipts and bank accounts that he was instructed to use. Detectives are following up.