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Photo Mystery Solved

Posted on 16th June 2017 at 08:55

The mystery of the Mount St. Helens photos found in a camera purchased at a Portland Goodwill has been solved. Mel Purvis is quoted in the Oregonian as saying “I almost fell out of my chair” when he saw the photos, recognizing himself, his wife, his son and his grandmother in the family photo that was published. On Wednesday of this week, the Oregonian published four photos that came off a roll of film that was found by photographer Kati Dimoff; she has a hobby of buying old cameras at thrift stores, and then seeing what kinds of photos are left on the film inside. Dimoff saw these photos, then went to the paper, to see if they would publish the pictures in the hopes that the family could be identified. Purvis, who now lives in Bend, says that a Facebook friend sent him the story, and he was floored. Purvis believes that his grandmother, Faye Gardner, owned the camera, and took the photos. He says that Gardner had come to Eugene from St. Helens, to see her year-old great-grandson. She died in 1981, and the baby in the photo passed away in 2009. Purvis says that he’s not sure how the camera ended up at the Goodwill, though he notes that the timing is interesting, as his mother, Faye Gardner’s daughter, passed away last Saturday.