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Pickup Attack

Posted on 11th October 2017 at 08:48

The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office says that first-degree assault charges are planned against Jason R. Stanley, 44, of Toledo, after he allegedly tried to use his pickup to run over an ex-girlfriend. They say that the incident happened just after 10 am on Monday, in the 4100 block of the Jackson Highway. A 33 year-old woman says that she had been to the store, and was walking back to her house. She claims that Stanley had been waiting for her; she crossed the road to try and avoid him, but Stanley got into his truck. She claims that Stanley drove in her direction, swerved at her, and hit her in the back with one of the side-view mirrors on the truck. The woman’s story was supported by a witness, along with tire track evidence at the scene. Stanley is still at large at this time; the Sheriff’s Office says that he will be referred for charges.