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Piper Censured

Posted on 9th October 2013 at 16:03

After months of discussion and tens of thousands of dollars spent on attorneys, Cowlitz PUD Commissioners Buz Ketcham and Kurt Anagnostou followed through on their threat, and voted to formally censure fellow Commissioner Ned Piper over alleged violations of ethics codes and retaliation against whistleblowing employees. Commission President Ketcham says that they now hope this issue is behind them…ketcham…Piper, who maintains his innocence, and contends that the charges against him are groundless, says pretty much the same thing at Ketcham…piper…Ketcham and Anagnostou claim that Piper has been disclosing confidential material from PUD Commission executive sessions, and tried to take action against employees that had provided information that eventually led to the firing of former General Manager Brian Skeahan. Piper denies all charges and contends that Ketcham and Anagnostou may have violated the Open Meetings Act through the writing of the censure resolution in secret. Piper threatened to sue if the other Commissioners moved ahead, claiming that he hasn’t had a chance to review and respond to the charges being made. Ketcham says that multiple contacts were made with Piper in regard to these alleged violations. In the end, the censure resolution carries no punitive weight; there’s no fine or other penalty of any kind. Ketcham and Anagnostou say that they went through the process in the hope that Piper will be motivated to work with them, and will avoid any future violations.