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Piper Hearing

Posted on 27th March 2014 at 15:57

The “John Doe” that has been a major character in the recall petition involving Cowlitz PUD Commissioner Ned Piper is now known, as Superior Court Judge Stephen Warning rules that this so-called “whistleblower” is not protected by confidentiality rules in this instance. It’s now known that current PUD General Counsel Paul Brachvogel is “John Doe,” and it’s thought that he is the person who has been providing much of the source material in the recall effort. Still, Warning ruled that Brachvogel is NOT part of the current court proceedings, where Piper is looking to recover his legal fees in fighting the last recall effort. Piper’s attorney, Matthew Anderson, says that this should be wrapped up in a month or so…piperhearing…Brachvogel had been trying to shield his identity throughout these proceedings, claiming to try and protect confidential and personal information. Warning says that the whistleblower confidentiality laws don’t apply in this case. At the same time, he also says that Brachvogel’s information and activity also have no bearing on Piper’s attempt to recover legal fees from the people who actually filed the recall petition, so he’s being removed from the lawsuit. Warning also says that he has enough evidence to make a ruling in the case involving Bill Ammons, Chuck Wallace and Doug Irvine, so no additional discovery or depositions are needed. The exact date for the next hearing hasn’t been set, but it’s expected in about a month or so.