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Pontoon Update–

Posted on 31st March 2010 at 07:39

It’s being reported that the Feds are not budging in their demands that a pontoon at the Puget Island Ferry that was reconstructed with steel from Mexico be replaced with one made from American steel. Both the Wahkiakum County Eagle and the Daily News are reporting that the Federal government is holding firm in its demand that the Stimulus-funded reconstruction project adhere to the “Buy America” rules. The Federal Highway Administration has sent Wahkiakum County a letter, saying that allowing Bergerson Construction of Astoria to skirt these rules would be an “unfair advantage,” and could have negative effects on the competitive environment of future Federal-Aid contracts. FHA officials reportedly re-stated that position yesterday, and at least one Congressional member says that they support the Federal requirement in this case. Brian Baird’s office reportedly said that they will not be asking for an exception. The Wahkiakum County Commissioners are still hopeful of getting a waiver, and are asking County Counsel to continue that effort. It’s also expected that Bergerson Construction will be taking the lead in the pursuit of that waiver.