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Port Budget

Posted on 27th November 2013 at 17:01

On a 2-1 vote, the Port of Longview Commissioners are voting to increase the port’s tax levy in the coming year, going from 23 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation to 45 cents per $1,000, with all of that tax income now being dedicated to payment of debt, preservation of assets and investment in new infrastructure. The Port’s Executive Director, Geir Kalhagen, says that they have a goal of getting away from long-term debt…portreport…The tax bill on a $150,000 home in the Longview Port District will go up $33 under this collection plan. It’s emphasized that none of these tax collections will go to salaries or day-to-day operations at the Port, and will be entirely directed to capital projects. The Port’s overall budget of $34.4 million actually includes three percent in overall cuts in all departments, also in line with increasing efficiency. One of the major projects in the coming year will be the reconstruction of Berth 4, with $2.3 million currently budgeted for that project. Aligned with that “pay-as-you-go” goal, that money is or will be in-hand, and won’t require any long-term bonding or financing.