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Port of Longview Budget

Posted on 7th November 2017 at 08:50

The Port of Longview Commission has a special meeting set for 10 am today, where the public hearing on the 2018 budget will be held. The meeting is being held in the port offices, located underneath the Lewis and Clark Bridge. The meeting will open with a review of the 2018 Preliminary Budget, which will show some changes from the documents that were presented at workshops that were held in October. The Port is projecting a bit of a decrease in revenues in the coming year; 2017 revenues are currently projected at just less than $39 million, while income for 2018 is projected at $35.7 million. The Port is still predicting that they will operate in the black, projecting a profit of more than $3.8 million, less than the $5.4 million that they are projecting for 2017. The Port is planning to budget $400,000 for Willow Grove Park, up from the $384,000 that was spent this year. Adoption of the budget is planned for next week, on November 14th. Budget documents are available for review on the Port of Longview web page.