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Port Report

Posted on 31st May 2017 at 08:28

The business continues to crank at a high level at the Port of Longview, with the port reporting a strong first quarter, following a record-setting year in 2016. Actual tonnage through the Port of Longview in the first three months of the year come in at 2.4 million metric tons, a number that represents 31% of the total tonnage projected for the year. That’s 46% above the tonnage handled in the first quarter of 2016. Export bulk cargoes are dominating this first portion of the year, going out of Berth 2 and Berth 9 at EGT. They have been moving pot ash through Berth 2, with an increase of 100,000 metric tons between last year and this year. That’s due mostly to the closure of the pot ash handling facility at the Port of Portland. The amount of corn handled by EGT increased by 387,000 metric tons in the first quarter, while soybeans increased by 220,000 metric tons. Port officials say that the increase in tonnage is a testament to the “strong cargo-handling capabilities” at the Port of Longview. They expect the cargoes to diversify as the year moves along, with things like wind turbines and electrical transformers coming through. Port officials say that they expect another strong year at “Washington’s Working Port.”