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Pot Sentence–

Posted on 26th May 2010 at 07:46

A man who’d been arrested in October of 2008 by the Narcotics Task Force has apparently resolved his case in court. Today’s Daily News reports on the case involving Kuldeep Singh Clar, 30, who used to live in Kalama. He was arrested along with his father, Sarbjit Clar; it was claimed that Sarbjit Clar was dealing marijuana out of his store in Kalama, and it was first thought that Kuldeep Clar was a player in that enterprise. Yesterday in court, prosecutors said that the evidence actually shows that Kuldeep Clar was more of a “peripheral person,” and wasn’t really involved in the marijuana sales end of things. In the plea agreement settled yesterday, Kuldeep Clar will pay $2,300 in restitution, but won’t serve any jail time. Prosecutors says that Clar’s father was the “principal perpetrator” in the case, and he’s already been sentenced to prison. Clar’s attorney says that prosecutors didn’t really have enough evidence to convict him, but looking at the possibility of significant prison time in the event of a guilty verdict, he says that this was the best resolution. Clar apologized to the court, and pledges that he won’t be in this situation again.