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Pot Stores

Posted on 5th September 2013 at 15:44

The Washington Liquor Control Board is out with its latest proposals on rules for sales of marijuana within the state, including proposals on the number of retail outlets that will be allowed. Under the proposal released yesterday, there would be seven licensed outlets in Cowlitz County, including three stores in Longview. Other licenses are allocated by population, along with some “at-large” stores. Liquor Board Chair Sharon Foster says that these new supplemental rules fulfill the public expectation of a tightly-regulated and controlled system, while also providing reasonably access to participation in the market. She also says that these new rules meet the eight guidelines put forward in last week’s guidance memo from the Department of Justice. Public hearings on these new rules are being set up for October 9th, and then the WCLB will adopt or reject the rules on October 16th. If adopted, the rules would become effective on November 16th, and they would start accepting applications on November 18th. It’s possible that the marijuana stores could be open by next June.