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Potts Convicted

Posted on 27th November 2013 at 17:02

It took only about two hours for a jury to convict Longview auto dealer Sidney Potts on all six felony counts that had been filed against him, declaring that Potts was a local drug kingpin, moving large amounts of meth through this area. Today’s Daily News reports on yesterday’s verdict. Prosecutors had been working to get Potts in court for more than a year, following his arrest in August of last year. It was claimed that Potts had been using his auto dealership, Potts Family Motors, as a front for his drug-running operation. At the time of his arrest, ten thousand dollars worth of meth was seized, along with 25 cars and more than $33,000 in cash. Potts was arrested after an undercover sting operation. Getting Potts into court was also tricky, with numerous delays and two mistrials prior to yesterday’s conviction. Potts could face many years in prison, with sentencing set for Thursday, December 5th. However, Potts continues to claim innocence, and he plans to appeal the verdict.