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Potts Retrial

Posted on 22nd November 2013 at 16:41

Just at it’s getting under way, the drug distribution trial of Longview car dealer Sidney Potts could be screeching to a halt. Today’s Daily News reports that Potts is claiming that his attorney has a “conflict of interest,” and is unable to fully represent him. Potts interrupted yesterday’s court proceeding to state his concerns, saying that he knew about the problem on Wednesday, but he couldn’t bring it up until his attorney refused to ask a question that he wanted. The judge in the case, Michael Evans, is expressing his doubts about Potts’ claims, but he did say that he needed a day to think things over. He plans to issue a ruling on Potts request for new counsel this morning. Potts is accused of being the king pin of a huge meth-dealing enterprise, using his Longview car dealership as a front. If Potts’ request is granted, this would be the third major delay in the trial. The first mistrial was caused when it was discovered that a witness had lied to investigators and prosecutors; the second delay came when an error arose during jury selection, causing Evans to dismiss the entire panel and start over.