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Power Outages

Posted on 28th October 2015 at 09:07

Cowlitz PUD line crews were in the area of 30th and Ocean Beach Highway, dealing with a power outage that hit around 7:18 this morning. The PUD doesn’t have a lot of information on the outage, other than to say that it covers an area from Ocean Beach Highway to Washington Way, between 28th and 34th Avenues. The outage affects at least a portion of the commercial properties in that area, and may also involve traffic lights in that part of town. If you come upon a dark or a flashing traffic signal, be sure to treat it like a four-way stop. They say that power should be back on fairly soon.

Power was out a couple of times yesterday in the area of the Triangle Shopping Center, once when a transmission line failed, and then a second time when final repairs were made. The Cowlitz PUD reports that a bolt failed on an insulator, which then led to the failure of the transmission line, just after 5 pm. They say that 555 customers went down, going from Washington Way and Ocean Beach Highway to Cascade Way, also covering most of the mall. That outage was brief, as power was re-routed. There was a second, smaller outage that ran from 8:53 pm to 9:47 pm, as the circuit was taken down so repairs could be completed.