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Predator Alert

Posted on 25th April 2013 at 16:05

An alert is going out to all families in the Kelso School District, warning that a possible sex predator may be contact local kids through an on-line ruse. Kelso Superintendent Rob MacGregor sent a letter home with all students, outlining details about what’s going on. MacGregor says that the district was contacted by Kelso Police, after they had received reports about someone who’s posing as famous teen celebrities on Facebook. That person attempts to contact young students, and then requests that those kids message the person privately. MacGregor says that there’s no evidence to indicate that any local students have been in contact with this individual on school grounds, or is connected to the schools in any way. Still, district officials feel that this is a serious threat, and that it was important to assist Kelso Police in getting the word out. MacGregor says that if you or your children have any information on this situation, you should contact Kelso Police at 423-1270 as soon at possible. MacGregor also says that this is a good reminder about the internet; while it’s a great resource, there’s also a potential for those with bad intentions to get access to your children. He says that you need to remind your kids about internet safety, monitor their use, and assure your children that they can talk to you if someone tries to make personal contact, or becomes threatening.