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Prison Terms

Posted on 23rd April 2014 at 15:57

After accepting a plea agreement that reduces his charge from first-degree assault to second-degree assault, David Michael Thorpe, 34, of Longview is being sent to prison for ten years. Today’s Daily News reports on Thorpe’s plea agreement and sentencing; in February, Thorpe was arrested after he had called 911 to report that his mother was injured. The investigation shows that Thorpe himself had injured the woman, beating her severely over the course of several days. Her injuries were reported to be life-threatening. After taking the plea agreement, Thorpe was sentenced to the maximum term available, and was also ordered to pay $1,875 in restitution.

Timothy James Berrier, 45, of Longview is going to prison for 18 months, after he was convicted of threatening to kill two female Department of Corrections officers. The Daily News reports that Berrier has a previous conviction for making threats to kill Washington Governor Jay Inslee, and was arrested last month after making the threats against the officers, whom he called by name. Berrier pleaded guilty to charges of felony harassment on the 8th of this month; along with the prison term, he is also being ordered to pay $1,775 in restitution.