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Pro Shop Theft

Posted on 28th June 2011 at 08:17

A man who’d been working at the Pro Shop on 15th Avenue is now in the slammer, accused of stealing nearly nine thousand dollars in merchandise from the store. Today’s Daily News reports on the arrest of Justin Lee Rister, 26, of Kelso, who allegedly stole snowboards, skis, boots, goggles and other equipment from the store, then tried to sell it at other establishments around town. The owner of a skate shop in Kelso got suspicious, then contacted the Pro Shop. They confirmed that the merchandise was theirs; Rister was arrested last Thursday, as he arrived at the skate shop to try and sell more gear. It’s reported that he admitted to stealing some of the items, but also claims that some had been “given” to him. Police say they also found pawn slips in Rister’s car. Last Friday, a judge found probable cause to hold Rister on charges of first-degree trafficking in stolen property, first-degree theft and third-degree driving while suspended. He’s currently being held on bail that totals $10,500.