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Project Shelved

Posted on 20th February 2014 at 17:07

Claiming that the numbers aren’t working out right now, both the City of Longview and developer Don Cardon are announcing that the proposed apartment and retail development across from the Columbia Theatre is going on the shelf. In today’s Daily News, Cardon says that the owners of the properties needed for the project are asking too high of a price for those buildings and lots. Cardon says that with the prices being asked, there’s no way to get the project to pencil out financially. There were also problems in connecting with potential state funding the LCC, which was looking to attract international students to live in the apartments that would have been built. Despite the financial issues, Cardon says that the project isn’t “dead,” and he’s hooking up with former County Commissioner and Longview Mayor George Raiter to continue pushing for the project, looking for additional public and private resources to try and help make it happen. Cardon has a vision for an apartment-retail-entertainment complex on the two blocks across from the Columbia Theatre, which might also serve as the northern anchor for redevelopment of downtown Longview.