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PUD Budget

Posted on 12th September 2018 at 09:08

The Cowlitz PUD Commission adopted the 2019 operating budget at yesterday’s meeting, and this year’s budget includes NO retail rate increase, and the Commission took action to also state that the PUD will NOT be asking for a property tax levy. PUD Commission President Dena Diamond-Ott says the PUD staff deserves a lot of credit for working to keep costs down. The 2019 PUD budget projects more than $217 million in retail revenues, along with $227 million in total costs and expenses. 74 percent of that budget is directed to power purchases, with the Bonneville Power Administration receiving more than $167 million for wholesale electricity. PUD officials report that labor costs are increasing 3 percent. The deficit between revenues and expenses will be covered by reserves, preventing a retail rate increase in the coming year. PUD Executive Director Steve Kern says that they will continue to press the BPA to reduce costs and to increase other income flows, to protect customers from future rate increases. He says that they will be lobbying hard with our local Congressional delegates, to keep them informed on the topic, and to try and have Congress also apply pressure on the BPA.