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PUD Commish Scam Call

Posted on 17th February 2017 at 08:37

The criminals picked the wrong phone number out of the book, as one of them called one of the Cowlitz PUD Commissioners, and then tried to run the PUD Bill Scam on them. One of the PUD Commissioners reported getting a phone call at their business earlier in the week, with the caller claiming that the business owed an outstanding PUD bill. The caller said that the power at the business would be shut off immediately unless the bill was paid. The Commissioner knew that this was a scammer, and did not send any money to the suspect. The incident was reported for information. Cowlitz PUD officials are also out with a reminder that they will never make these type of “demand calls”; if they do show up in person at your home, the employee will be driving a marked PUD vehicle, and will have company ID. Call the Cowlitz PUD at 423-2210 if you need more information.