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PUD Rate Commission

Posted on 10th April 2013 at 16:05

The Cowlitz PUD is now looking for people to serve on a customer-based Electric Rates Advisory Committee, looking for public input on the utility rates and where they should be set.  The PUD Commission approved the formation of the ERAC at yesterday’s meeting; PUD Commission Chair Buz Ketcham says that there are some significant issues that will affect rates, and this committee will help make sure that the PUD acts properly…pudrates…The ERAC will be comprised of nine residential customers, three from each PUD Commission District, one low-income or disabled resident, two small general service customers, one large general service customer, one industrial primary service customer, and one industrial transmission service customer.  It’s anticipated that the ERAC would meet approximately two times per year, first getting information on utility history, finances, budgeting and revenue requirements.  The committee would also review a cost analysis, rate-making theory and design, before making a recommendation to the PUD Commission.  The PUD Commission will also review the ERAC each year, to see if the membership or mission needs to be adjusted.  Applications and additional details on the ERAC are now available on the Cowlitz PUD website.