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PUD Scam

Posted on 27th November 2013 at 16:58

The Cowlitz PUD contacted Longview Police yesterday afternoon, reporting that someone has been trying to scam money out of Hispanic businesspeople in the local area. The PUD called LPD a little after noon yesterday, saying that several local businesses had contacted them, saying that someone claiming to be from the PUD had called about a supposed unpaid bill. The caller would then instruct the business people that they could rectify the situation by going to Walgreen’s, where they would purchase “Green Dot Money Paks” in the amount of the unpaid bill, and then would provide the redemption information to the caller. Longview Police tried to trace the caller, and they say that the number comes back to a Magic Jack account in Utah. The PUD is sending out an alert about this scam, including the businesses that were already called. They’re also alerting Walgreen’s about the details of the scam. It’s not known if anyone sent money to the scammer, and police have not identified any suspects at this time.