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PUD/Debt Ceiling

Posted on 27th July 2011 at 07:44

The Cowlitz PUD is preparing for the possibility that Congress may not act to raise the debt ceiling, looking at a course of action that will help make sure that the power stays on for customers who are on Social Security or Federal pensions. At their meeting on Tuesday, the PUD Commissioners took action to suspend or deviate from standard collection and credit policies in the event that Social Security or pension checks are delayed. PUD Board President Mark McCrady says that the action reflects the PUD’s concerns over a possible Federal default, also understanding that some people may be put in a situation where it might be impossible to pay power bills in a timely manner. In the event that Social Security or Federal pension checks were delayed, PUD staff would work with impacted customers, to defer payments without penalty. The PUD would also withhold payments to the Bonneville Power Administration until the situation is resolved on the Federal level. Once the Federal government resumed the normal distribution of funds, then the PUD would repay money owed to the BPA, and would resume normal billing practices.