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Radakovich Shutdown

Posted on 31st March 2015 at 09:01

As we start heading to the warmer days of spring and summer, Longview Police say that they’re making a pre-emptive move, announcing that patrols of the Radakovich Rock Pit will be increased to try and reduce the incidence of trespassing. Corporal Brian Streissguth says that this is intended to preserve public safety and to protect private property rights. LPD will have a “zero tolerance policy” in regard to trespassing at the Rock Pit; it’s noted that the property has some serious hazards, along with significant traffic issues. Streissguth also says that the Rock Pit is private property, and is off-limits to the public. He says that vehicles parked at the Radakovich Rock Pit will be subject to tow, while people trespassing on the property will be cited at a minimum, and could be jailed for second-degree criminal trespassing. “Random and frequent” patrols of the property are being set up.