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Rainier Meth Bust

Posted on 29th December 2017 at 08:39

Three people are facing charges after a bust by the Columbia Enforcement Narcotics Team, which claims to have seized more than 3-1/2 pounds of meth, more than $17,000 in cash, guns and more in a multi-month investigation. Detectives say that this got started in October, when a search warrant was served at a home in the 73000 block of Lindberg Road, just east of Rainier. Two ounces of heroin and more than 500 grams of meth were seized, along with $1,300 cash and seven firearms. In early November, Rodolpho Santiago-Ferrier, 30, of Longview was arrested after a traffic stop at one of the Rainier viewpoints on Highway 30. They claim to have found another 500 grams of meth during that bust. Columbia County Detectives connected with the Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Narcotics Task Force, arranging for a search warrant to be served at a home in Longview. Police claim to have seized another 500 grams of meth, along with eight ounces of heroin, $16,000 in cash, scales, drug records and packaging materials. Rebecca Wynn, 30, and Bruce Arquette, 22, of Rainier are also being identified as suspects in this case; all three are now being charged with possession and delivery of a controlled substance.