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Randle Shooting Update

Posted on 14th July 2017 at 08:58

Authorities in Lewis County are now ruling that the shooting death of Dusty Phelps, 51, on the 4th of July is a homicide, but they haven’t ruled yet that the incident was self-defense. Phelps died at a campsire near Randle, hit in the head with a round fired by a 63 year-old man from Glenoma. The older man had gone to confront Phelps about his unsafe shooting from his campsite; he claims that Phelps fired several rounds, including one that hit his vehicle. The older man grabbed his own handgun, and then fired a single round that killed Phelps. In the Centralia Chronicle, Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer says that the homicide ruling simply defines the manner of death, and doesn’t define if the killing was justified or was self-defense. Meyer says that the Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the shooting, and that his office will review that report when it’s complete. A decision on possible charges will be made after that review is completed.