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Random Shooter

Posted on 9th August 2018 at 09:20

John Alexander Sigmon, 68, of Woodland is under arrest after a gun incident that took place last night, where he was supposedly firing a gun at random. Just before midnight, Officers were called to the two thousand block of the Lewis River Highway, where local residents reported that at least four gunshots had been fired by Sigmon, as he was in a large field next to a church. Woodland Police say that Sigmon was lying in the field when they arrived; police used a PA to try and communicate, and Sigmon confirmed that he had a gun. They also say Sigmon said that he was “going to get what he deserves.” Police were able to approach cautiously, and they eventually got Sigmon into custody. He’s now awaiting his first court appearance on charges of illegal discharge of a gun, disorderly conduct and felony harassment.