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Red Light Green Light

Posted on 27th August 2010 at 08:16

The City of Longview pilot project for the installation of red light violation detection cameras and school zone speed limit detection cameras is moving ahead. The City Council is approving a contract for a pilot project with Automated Traffic Systems of Scottsdale, Arizona. Mayor Kurt Anagnostou says that he initially opposed the proposal, but he now says his mind has been changed. The City Council approved a one-year pilot project, with ATS surveying nine arterial intersections to see where the cameras might be located. It’s planned that the cameras will be placed at four intersections. The city will be conducting speed studies of its own at nine schools, looking to determine where the speed limit detection cameras should be placed. Officials with ATS say that once all of the permits are in place, it should take them only about 45 days to get the cameras installed and running. Several council members say that they do have concerns, but they note that this is only a pilot project, and they say that if they don’t get the results intended, then they’ll vote to have the cameras removed.