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Rescue Review

Posted on 17th August 2018 at 07:02

Details on how Matthew Matheny, 40, of Warren, Ohio, survived five days in the woods near Mount St. Helens are coming out. It’s being reported that Matheny wasn’t in terrible shape when he was found in the Ant Canyon area, off of the Blue Lake Trail. Eight days ago, Matheny borrowed a car and went for a day hike on the Blue Lake Trail. He got lost on that hike, and he was reported as missing Thursday night. A ground search was started; last Saturday, a Skamania County Deputy found the abandoned car at the trailhead, so search efforts started focusing in that area. Matheny’s parents say that he didn’t have any water, but he did find berries to eat, and the fluid from those berries may have helped to sustain him. They also say that he was chased by bees, so he eventually killed and ate some of those bees, which would be an excellent source of protein. They eventually employed software that would model a hiker’s behavior, enabling searchers to focus on specific areas. On Wednesday, two searchers from North Country Rescue went into a dry creek bed, thinking that it was an area where a hiker might go. About a half-hour after heading out from base camp, the searchers found Matheny, dehydrated and scraped-up, but in pretty good shape otherwise. He was taken to a landing zone, then he was flown to a hospital in Portland. Search coordinators say that this is a good example of why you need to have the “10 essentials” before heading out into the woods.