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Reynolds Warrants

Posted on 26th October 2011 at 07:55

Arrests warrants are now being issued for Ron Reynolds and Jonathan Reynolds of Toledo, charging them in connection with the 1998 shooting death of former State Trooper Ronda Reynolds. The Centralia Chronicle reports that the warrants were issued yesterday evening by Lewis County Coroner Warren McLeod, after “legal issues” that caused the quashing of some previous warrants were resolved. In a press release, McLeod says that concerns were raised when someone claimed that they saw one of the Inquest jurors putting a copy of “In the Still of the Night” into a purse. That book is true crime author Ann Rule’s account of the killing, where she puts forward the theory that Ronda Reynolds had been murdered, most likely by her stepson, Jonathan Reynolds. She then claims that Ron Reynolds helped cover up the crime. McLeod says that he was unable to prove that allegation in any way. The warrants will now be presented to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office for action. It’s noted that Ron Reynolds hasn’t been seen in the area for at least two weeks, and was recently placed on administrative leave from his job as principal at Toledo Elementary School.