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Rides Moving

Posted on 19th April 2018 at 06:38

Carnival rides in downtown Long Beach are looking for a new home, after the Long Beach City Council says that they can no longer be kept on city-owned property. The Chinook Observer reports on the dilemma of Russell Maize and Chris Summerer, who got a permit last June, allowing them to use about three dozen parking spaces for four carnival rides. The paper brought up questions about the gifting of public resources, so the council asked Maize and Summerer to pay $100 a month, an arrangement that was extended to March 31st of this year. Last month, Long Beach Mayor Jerry Phillips said that he was against extending the permit again, saying that he was getting a lot of heat from residents. After a lot of discussion and citizen input, Phillips eventually cast the deciding vote to deny the permit. The Sidewinder, the Paratrooper, the Spinning Apples and the 100-foot Super Slide must now be moved off of city-owned property, and Summerer says that he may have to sell them.