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Ridgefield Finalists

Posted on 27th February 2014 at 17:04

The current Executive Director for the Port of Woodland could be getting a new job, as he’s listed as one of the finalists for the Ridgefield City Manager position. Nelson Holmberg is one of three finalists for the post, along with Vancouver Assistant Police Chief Chris Sutter, and current Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart. These three men are vying for the position vacated by Phil Messina, who resigned in November of last year. These three finalists were selected through a process conducted by the Olympia-based Prothman Company, and by interim City Manager Paul Lewis. Mayor Ron Onslow tells the Vancouver Columbian that this has been an excellent process, with three high-quality candidates coming through. Tomorrow, the Ridgefield City Council plans to conduct day-long interviews of all three finalists, and could make a decision on a new City Manager at the conclusion of those interviews.