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Riverview Closing

Posted on 20th April 2018 at 09:28

The Longview branch of Camas-based Riverview Community Bank will soon be closing. Legal notices are being filed about the pending transfer of assets from Riverview to Twin City Bank, also announcing that the Riverview branch in Longview will be closed. In the legal notice, an application is being made under the Bank Merger Act with the Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation, looking for written approval to assume the deposits from the Riverview branch. They also say that Twin City will continue operation, while plans are being made to close the branch on Washington Way. Officials with Riverview say that they anticipate that will happen by July 13th. Comments on the application by Twin City are being accepted by the FDIC office in San Francisco. Copies of the non-confidential portions of the application are available for review at Twin City Bank on Vandercook Way, and at the Riverview branch on Washington Way.