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Road Alert

Posted on 29th November 2013 at 16:48

If you’re still planning a road trip over this holiday weekend, weather forecasters say that you’ll probably want to do that traveling earlier in the weekend, rather than later. The Weather Service says that a strong storm system is expected for the end of the holiday weekend, with heavy snow expected late Sunday in the mountain passes, along with the possibility of snow in the Coast Range. I-84 is expected to be impacted by the stormy weather, as is the Sunset Highway past Mount Hood, Highway 12 over White Pass and other cross-mountain byways. Heavy rains are also expected for the lowland areas on Sunday, but they’re also looking at much colder air moving in on Monday. There’s a possibility of low-level snow late on Monday, but that possibility is being called “uncertain” at this time. Forecasters are confident of even colder air moving in on Tuesday, with lows possibly dipping down into the teens Tuesday night, Wednesday night and through the rest of the week. Drivers will need to be ready for winter-type driving conditions.