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Robbery Arrest

Posted on 31st March 2015 at 09:04

Longview Police now say that they have the suspect in the recent armed robbery of the Travel Lodge Motel in custody, and they’re now checking to see if he’s involved in other recent robberies around the area. Norman Ray Goodrum, 35, of Olympia was arrested on Sunday, picked up in connection with the motel robbery on Friday, the 20th. At this time, Goodrum is being held on a single count of first-degree robbery, but Detectives are checking to see if he was also involved in last Friday’s Baskin-Robbins robbery, along with tow other recent coffee stand robberies. It’s noted that the description of the suspect in each of these incidents is very similar. Goodrum is currently being held on bail of $50,000, while the investigation is continuing. Contact Longview Police at 442-5800 if you can help out with this case.