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Robbery Arrest

Posted on 30th November 2011 at 08:44

Kelso Police report making an arrest in connection with a robbery that took place last month, where a man was hit in the head and his cell phone was stolen. On October 19th, a man reported that he was attacked by three juvenile males on Northwest 3rd in Kelso, with his phone and keys missing when he woke up. As the investigation continued, Longview Police say that they learned that the 14 year-old had been talking up his role in the incident. Investigators claim that they teen was telling others how he’d used a stick to hit the man in the head. Officers say that they’ve recovered the stolen cell phone, along with the stick that was allegedly used. The 14 year-old was arrested yesterday morning at a motel in West Kelso, and officers also report that the teen was carrying a weapon at that time. In addition to the robbery charge, the teen could also be charged with carrying an illegal weapon.