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Rock Update–

Posted on 26th February 2010 at 09:15

The Castle Rock School District is asking for some relief from a huge water bill after last month’s leak that led to the destruction of the high school gym floor. Today’s Daily News reports on the situation that the district is facing; in a normal month, the district uses about 93,000 gallons of water, with a bill of about $2,000. After the line break, the amount of water totalled 807,000, and the January water and sewer bill came in at nearly $13,600. Under the city’s current policy, the city could forgive about $5,600 of the bill, based on previous usage. Superintendent Susan Barker says that they’re asking for more help this time around, because the bill is so much larger. She says that they’re asking for the city to remove the $7,700 sewer portion of the bill, leaving the water portion to the district. It’s suggested that the City Council may consider the request at its meeting on March 8th. The district also reports that they hope to being replacement of the warped gym floor in the next couple of weeks, a process that’s expected to take about two months. the cost of that project is now put at $165,000, with most of that cost covered by insurance.