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Rosenbach Tapped

Posted on 6th June 2014 at 16:08

There’s another change to be made in the upper management at the Longview School District, as Dana Rosenbach, the current Executive Director of Leadership and Learning, is hired as the new Superintendent of the North Mason School District in Belfair. North Mason School Board President Laura Boad says that they were impressed with Rosenbach’s background, her strength in the interview process, and the great things that were said about her on interview comment cards and reference checks. Rosenbach has roots in the area, having grown up in Kitsap County, and also working as a principal in Port Townsend. Rosenbach says that she’s “honored and pleased” by the selection, and says that going to the North Mason district “feels a bit like coming home.” The Longview School Board plans to take action on Monday in finding an interim Superintendent for the coming school year, in addition to Rosenbach’s position. Another Assistant Superintendent, Chris Fritsch, has been a finalist for two other positions around the state, but failed to land those posts.