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RV Chase

Posted on 27th December 2011 at 09:05

State Troopers say that they were involved in a different kind of high-speed chase last night on I-5 northbound, as they pursued a motorhome from Kelso to north of Castle Rock. The first radio call about this pursuit came in just before 9 pm, when a Trooper reported that they were after a motorhome on the northbound freeway, doing 86 miles an hour as they passed the Longview Wye. Cowlitz County Deputies joined in the effort, as the chase passed through Kelso. It was noted that the RV was driving without lights, using all three lanes of the freeway. The chase continued to Castle Rock, going 80 miles an hour as they passed the exit at milepost 49. Shortly after 9 pm, the driver hit some spike strips that were set up at milepost 52. They say that the driver continued on for five more miles after hitting the strips, finally coming to a stop at milepost 57. Amy Renee Mason, 33, was arrested at that point, booked into the jail on charges of felony eluding, hit-and-run, reckless driving and no valid operator’s license. When asked where she was from, Mason reportedly said that “she didn’t remember.” She’s currently being held without bail, awaiting her first court appearance.