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Ryan LaFave Honored

Posted on 29th September 2017 at 08:43

The son of Cowlitz 2 Fire Chief Dave LaFave is being honored for helping to rescue four developmentally disabled children from a kitchen fire in July. The incident happened at a home in the 100 block of Derek Drive in Kelso on the morning of Tuesday, July 18th. The children, ages 13, 10, 9 and 6, were at home alone when the fire started in the kitchen. The kids ran next door to the LaFave’s house, where Ryan helped them call 911. He also made sure that everyone was out of the house, and he made sure that no one tried to go back in before fire crews arrived. The 21 year-old is also developmentally disabled, but he’s following in his dad’s footsteps, serving as a volunteer firefighter. At the most recent meeting of the Cowlitz 2 Fire Commission, Ryan LaFave was presented with a letter of commendation, and he got a Silver Coin from the Chief. The Silver Coin is awarded to fire department members as recognition for exemplary service to the department and to the public.