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Ryderwood Water

Posted on 10th August 2018 at 09:29

A request is going out to users of the Ryderwood Water System, asking those people to curtail their water use. Cowlitz County Public Works says that the restrictions go into effect immediately, as the continuing dry conditions are putting a strain on Ryderwood’s water supply. Campbell Creek helps to supply Ryderwood’s water, and county officials say that the flow on that creek is “extremely limited” at this time. The Ryderwood reservoir is currently full, but to preserve supplies, the county is asking for several conservation measures. They say that all outdoor water use should end, including the washing of cars, along with watering of ornamental plants and lawns. They recommend a maximum of five minutes in the shower, limiting cycles for washers and dishwashers, and conservation of water while doing personal hygiene. County officials say that they hope that this is a temporary condition. County officials plan to explain the situation at next week’s monthly Ryderwood Town Meeting, coming up at 10 am on Tuesday, the 14th.