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Salkum Update

Posted on 13th May 2014 at 15:46

The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office now says that a case of misplaced rage may have led to Saturday night’s fatal shooting in Salkum. Chief Criminal Deputy Stacy Brown now says that a 56 year-old man shot and fatally wounded his 28 year-old neighbor during the incident, which took place in the front yard of the older man’s home. The shooter says that the neighbor came onto his property, “ranting” and accusing him of shooting a neighborhood dog. The older man says that he armed himself with a semi-automatic pistol, and then went outside to tell the younger man to leave. The 56 year-old claims that the 28 year-old “lunged” at him, and that’s when the older man fired, hitting the younger man twice. The victim was able to walk off of the property before he collapsed. CPR was started at the scene, but the younger man was eventually declared dead at Centralia Providence Hospital. Lewis County Detectives continue to investigate the incident; they also don’t know who shot the dog, which is still alive. It’s thought that the 28 year-old had gone to his neighbor’s house in error, thinking that man had shot the dog. The older man is not in custody, and is reported to be cooperating fully with law enforcement.