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Saturday Robbery Arrest

Posted on 7th October 2013 at 16:09

Cory Eugene Freeman, 25, of Longview is under arrest on an attempted first-degree robbery charge, after he allegedly used a gun to force another man to give him money. The 46 year-old victim says that he was in the 200 block of Baltimore when a white van pulled up; Freeman got out, approached the victim and told him that he owed Freeman $200. The victim and his girlfriend started to walk away, and that’s when Freeman allegedly pulled out a pistol and demanded the money. The victim eventually convinced Freeman to follow him to his house; he was eventually able to evade Freeman and call 911. Later in the day, Sheriff’s Deputies located a white van on Washington Way, with Freeman and two other people inside. The van stopped at the Town House Motel, where the Deputies made a traffic stop for expired tags. Freeman was found inside the van, supposedly with a large bottle of alcohol at his feet. He was taken out of the van, and during a “safety frisk,” a .22 pistol was found in his pocket. It was noted that Freeman is a convicted felon, so he’s also being charged with illegal possession of a firearm. It’s also reported that he was in possession of methamphetamine. This investigation is continuing.